March 31/April 1, 2017
Festival Moo-Ah! − Corby

Saturday, April 1

Z.E.R.O. Rehearsal     TWO     Rockingham

Rockingham     Rehearsal     Acton Zappa

Acton Zappa     Rockingham     MagNiFZnt

Mike Fox − guitar, vocals
Tomáš Indyján Nejedlý − bass guitar
John Parkinson − drums
Jen Parkinson − keyboards, vocals
Ollie Hill − trombone, vocals
1.  Theme from 'Lumpy Gravy'   10.  Black Napkins
2.  Peaches En Regalia   11.  Big Swifty
3.  Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance   12.  Outside Now
4.  Village Of The Sun   13.  Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
5.  Echidna's Arf (Of You)   14.  Zoot Allures
6.  Band Intro   15.  Son Of Mr Green Genes
7.  Oh No / The Orange County Lumber Truck   16.  Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy
8.  Po-Jama People   17.  Uncle Remus
9.  We Are Not Alone   18.  Dog Breath

MagNiFZnt     Acton Zappa     Intermission

Magnus Liljeqvist − guitar, vocals
Niklas Lychou − guitar, vocals
1.  More Trouble Every Day
2.  Magic Fingers   10.  Bobby Brown
3.  Big Swifty   11.  Cocksucker's Ball
4.  Baby Snakes     Battery intermission
5.  Easy Meat   12.  Magdalena
6.  Sharleena   13.  Tinsel-Town Rebellion
7.  Let's Move To Cleveland   14.  Andy
8.  Yo Mama   15.  Father O'Blivion
9.  Flakes   16.  Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?

Intermission     MagNiFZnt     Muffin Men

Fred Händl − keyboards
Rupert Kettle − steel guitar

The Muffin Men featuring Denny Walley     Intermission     The Goodges

Jumpy − guitar, vocals
Roddie − bass, vocals
Rhino − drums, vocals
Phil − keyboards, vocals
Denny Walley − guitars, vocals
special guest: Craig 'Twister' Steward: harmonica
1.  Introduction by Dave Owen
2.  The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing   10.  Super-Dickmanns
3.  Pick Me, I'm Clean   11.  Trail Of Tears
4.  Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy   12.  Suction Prints
5.  Abba Zaba   13.  Village Of The Sun
6.  Advance Romance   14.  Crew Slut (feat. Craig 'Twister' Steward)
7.  Dead Girls Of London   15.  Grown So Ugly
8.  City Of Tiny Lites   16.  Whipping Post
9.  Tryin' To Grow Me A Chin   17.  I'm The Slime

The Goodges     Muffin Men     Z.E.R.O.

Mark Goodjohn − guitar, vocals
Emma Goodjohn − bass
Matt Cope − drums
1.  Money (Pink Floyd)
2.  Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream)   6.  Whiskey In The Jar (Thin Lizzy)
3.  Fire (Jimi Hendrix)   7.  Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)
4.  Alive (Pearl Jam)   8.  Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Jet)
5.  Baby Please Don't Go (John Lennon)   9.  Highway To Hell (AC/DC)

The Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra featuring Craig 'Twister' Steward     The Goodges     Aftershow

Kevin Crosby − bass
Rupert Kettle − guitar, vocals
Fred Händl − keyboards, vocals
Clinton Morgan − ukulele, vocals
John Parkinson − drums, vocals
Craig 'Twister' Steward: harmonica
special guests: Mark Watson, Steffen Schindler − vocals
Denny Walley − guitars, vocals
1.  Introduction / My Dog Has Fleas (Mark Watson)
2.  Heavy Duty Judy   9.  Starless
3.  King Kong   10.  Stolen Moments
4.  Lets Make The Water Turn Black   11.  Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
5.  Dirty Love     (with Steffen)
6.  Eat That Question   12.  Schleim (with Steffen)
7.  Ukulele auction / Pygmy Twylyte   13.  Bamboozled By Love (with Denny Walley)
  8.  'Hello, Candy!'   14.  'Hello, Candy!'

Aftershow party in the hotel lobby     Z.E.R.O.     Sunday

Sunday-Tuesday, April 2-4

Back in Obshire     Aftershow

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