March 4-12, 2019 − Sixty

It was The Party of my Life. A big, big Thank You to everyone who helped making my birthday an unforgettable event for me. Be it with your music, your words, with your delicious contribution to the buffet or just because you were there.
I'm still collecting all photos, video and audio recordings to publish proper memories at this place. Many thanks to everybody who has already sent me his photos. Until now there are very few pictures of the performances. So if you have some photos that will fit here, get them over please. And I have not started yet to mix the multi tracks; but it will happen...

March 4-7 - Preparations     top     Prelude

March 8 - Prelude     Preparations     Party day

March 9 - Party day     Prelude     Aftermath

meanwhile in Manchester...     Party day     Setup

...from where nobody will come

Setup     Manchester     Start

Start     Setup     Mirja

Mirja & Dorin (& Chris & me)     Start     Chris

Chris (& Chato)     Mirja     Tante Tofu

Tante Tofu (mitNichten & Chato)     Chris     Chato

Chato     Tante Tofu     Party on

Party on     Chato     Aftermath

March 10-12 - Aftermath     Partytag     Monday

Monday     Sunday     Tuesday

Tuesday − it's over     Monday     not over

April 10 - still not over     Aftermath

 60 Years of Stevie −  4-789 PartyMirja & Dorin / Chris / Tante Tofu / Chato10-12April